Palores Publications, Cornwall Book Shop
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Palores Publications, Cornwall Book Shop

All books on this page can be purchased from
Palores Publications, 1 Station Hill, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2PP.

Cheque payments to Palores Publications to above address
or via Paypal to

Oall Rite Me Ansum!
Les Merton
ISBN 1 85306 814-4
5.95 plus 1.50 P&P

'...this book captures the warmth and humour of the people
of the region, as well as preserving a dying tongue.' - Cornwall Today
The Official Encyclopaedia of the Cornish Pasty
Les Merton
ISBN 0 9539594 8 1
4.95 plus 1.50 P&P

'... the book provides an entertaining read and, as a gift is informative as well as amusing.' - Cornish World
Portloe -an illustrated history-
Keith Johns & Mike Rule
ISBN 0 9547985 4 6
6.95 plus 1.50 P&P

'... where this book really scores is its ability to make the reader immediately
want to jump in the car and get down there for a pint at The Ship and a stroll up The Jacka.'
Simon Parker Western Morning News
Missus Laity's Tay Room
Les Merton
ISBN 0 9539594 0 6
3.00 plus 1.00 P&P

'An attempt to preserve a dialect.'
' capture the sounds of the Cornish dialect...'
Shirley Salmon, The West Briton

Diana Manning
ISBN 0 9547985-0-3
3.00 plus 1.00 P&P

'Diana Manning is blessed with the gift of promoting
the Celtic way of life she has experienced in Cornwall and Scotland'
Les Merton, Poetry Cornwall/Bardhonyeth Kernow

Dark Corners
Les Merton
ISBN 1-904781-68-3
7.99 plus 2.50 P&P

Dark Corners - a return to Cornish noir -
Everything illustrated by Trystan Mitchell on the cover
is inside in even more graphic detail...
Are you ready for the other side of Cornwall?