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Poetry Cornwall Book Shop

All items can be purchased by cheque or Paypal

Cheques made payable to Palores Publications please.

Send order(s) to: Palores Publications, I Station Hill, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2PP.

Paypal by email to: les.merton@tesco.net

Also you can order any book or magazine
from your local bookshop by quoting the ISBN or ISSN

Issue Number 11
Available March 2005
3.50 each P&P Free
ISSN 1476-7007
or see subscriptions page

Issue Number 10
Send A5 size SAE
with two loose first class stamps
or 4 IRC's and receive a free
complimentary celebration issue.

As Yesterday Begins
Les Merton
ISBN 1-904781-30-6
7.99 plus 2 P&P

And all the world Our Patch
Mick paynter
ISBN 0 9547985-2-8
3.50 plus 1.00 P&P

Black Swan
Geoffrey Clarke
ISBN 0-9539594-9-X
3.00 plus 1 P&P

Another Penwith Day
Jacqueline Pritchard
ISBN 0 9547985-1-1
3.00 plus 1 P&P

Windfalls Weighing Down The Heart
Liz Diamond
ISBN 0 9539594 7 3
6.95 plus 1.50 P&P

Word Pictures
Fay C Davies
ISBN 0-9547985-2-X
3.50 plus 1 P&P

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The email address for PayPal is les.merton@tesco.net