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Our Submission Guidelines

1. Please don't send more than three poems at a time.

2. No multiple submissions.

3. Normal poetry submissions should not be longer than 36 lines
including verse breaks. (Any others must be by special arrangement.)

4. Submissions without the courtesy of SSAE or IRC's will be recycled.

5. Name and address on every poem please.

6. Editors follow format (poem, biography, magazine details)
when submitting to Meet the Editors.

7. Unusual cover illustrations welcomed especially with Cornish themes.

8. Quality articles on poetry related subjects up to 1,000 words considered.

9. Great Cornish Poets submissions by arrangement please send your ideas.

10. Haiku, short poems and poems in original language with translation required.

11. Closed for Submissions during December and January.

Only subscribers may send poems by email to:
all other submissions must be by normal post (letter).


Magazines and books always wanted for reviews.
(Will authors please sign books. Please do not dedicate.)
(Remember reviews may not always be complimentary)